What do you think you will find here?

Organic food, not only of ecological origin, but sustainable throughout the process. Because what is good for one is good for everyone and for the planet. In addition to paleo food, dissociated or hygienist, nutrition and health.

You’ll find fresh organic vegan products. Health above all! We only have one body in this life … …. please take care of it! Ethics, honesty and respect for nature and our body. Our products are suitable for those who want to enjoy healthy food without industrial additives, aromatizers or preserves. We specialize in the production of organic vegan glutenfree, sugarfree, yeastfree pastry low on oxalates. It is one of the first biological and vegan pastry shops in Europe. We offer all sorts of healthy cakes and dessert without animal products. We use different flours such as chestnut, coconut, rice, oats, chickpeas …. Therefore, our products are suitable for people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, or for persons who are lactose intolerant, allergic to eggs, or gluten.

Our offer is based on the nutrition or biological logic of human digestion to take better advantage of the nutrients that vegetables offer us. Enjoy!