Feed your soul with music

It is clear that music excites us and makes us happy. It brings back memories, just like flavors or smells. It’s the Proust effect of music. It has been shown that music brings multiple benefits to the emotional and physical health of human beings. Therefore, the importance of music therapy in hospital, school, geriatric environments … I can attest to the happiness of the soul of geriatric users … when someone’s eyes light up with happiness when listening to music of their liking , priceless.

Even if we just listen to it … Listening causes a wide variety of activities and brain stimuli that trigger a complex amount of reactions, which directly influence important aspects of life such as mood, control stress, reduce sensation of fatigue and anxiety. So much so, that it is used to help improve the lives of people in Music Therapy … but it is also used as torture in some prisons and detention centers. Remember for example the movie “The mechanical orange”, where the protagonist imprisoned for rape and brutal beating the husband accesses a rehabilitation program through images and music. When they play their favorite music, Beethoven almost goes crazy, especially when he revisits his victim.

If we actively play music by singing, dancing, playing an instrument, singing or playing in a group, then the positive effects multiply exponentially.

Such sensitization not only applies to humans, animals and plants also present reactions to music. When they listen to happy music for example, the cows produce more milk and of better quality.

Some of the benefits of music

The impact of listening to a good song is greater than what is thought, since, in addition to the psychic benefits that it causes, it also contributes in the physical and social aspect. Some of the most interesting benefits are:

  • It reduces pain and stress.
  • It helps to improve the autoimmune system, reduces the heart rate and blood pressure, therefore, helps to overcome the diseases or accelerate the healing of people who had a surgical intervention.
  • The brain is sensitized with structured music (like classical music). This, regardless of whether the individual likes this genre or not. This is the base for the Tomatis system.
  • Music is like a gym for the brain, since it increases neuronal communication, elasticity and plasticity of the organ. Therefore, it helps improve memory.
  • It helps to relax and therefore, to sleep better, it is a good tool to listen to classical music, lounge, cello or strings, or sounds of nature.
  • Increase optimism and socialization.
  • Listening to music with closed eyes greatly increases its sensory effect.

Searching for physical and mental balance is a daily task for human beings. Finding such a balance in the various arts that we have within reach, such as music, dance, yoga, meditation, drawing, art,  is an option for living a much healthier emotionally speaking.

So… Do listen to music every day 🙂

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