Food and Nutrition

Gisela Biological and Vegan Pastry begins to collaborate with nutritionist Mercè Muñóz Benet.
With all the things we already offer you: organic, vegan, healthy, sugarfree, glutenfree food, plusdissociated and paleolithic diet, Ayurveda, health coaching ….
We now add the nutritional services of Mercè Muñóz Benet. She is a Chemist, with a postgraduate course in Dietetics and Nutrition and Acupuncture Studies. Holistic nutritionist, specializing in healthy eating and orthomolecular nutrition. She is a nutrition coach and emotional therapist with mindfulness techniques and emotional management with Bach flowers.
She accompanies her clients helping on nutritional habits, acupuncture and floral therapy. She is also a teacher at different nutrition and cooking courses.
Our motto is to look for a healthy way of life that will make you happy as well as forgeting about the restrictive rules that exist in your diets.

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