Armonía (Harmony), ecological vegan restaurant

What a joy! There are more and more restaurants for vegetarians and vegans in Barcelona!

We present the Armonía (Harmony) restaurant, C / Valencia 240, 08008 Barcelona

Hours Mon-Sat: 10: 00-23: 00

100% vegan food and bio, Macrobiotic – Yin and Yang

Breakfast, lunch menu, Tapas, Tea ans cakes

Dogs welcome

In Armonía (harmony) they create a peaceful environment to make you feel at home, while eating a balanced and healthy way. They use only the best organic food – respecting the environment and animals! From now on they have my gluten-free breads and soon you can also find my ecological, vegan and glutenfree cookies and cakes.

Phone +34 622899929

Examples of dishes:

Quinoa salad, pressed, summer lentil, sweet beets, Greek, chickpeas or Sea spaghetti.

Pepper & olives or  porcini & leek Quiche

Fresh Pasta a la Papillot (gluten free and vegan option)

Seitan Fricassee: typical Catalan recipe changing the meat for seitan, rice

Vegetable lasagna or tofu and millet cake with sauerkraut and Lemon veganaise

Algae Tartar with Teriyaki Sauce and rice and vegetables or Tempeh skewers and vegetables

For more info: click Armonía

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