Organic veggies

What is an organic basket?

The ecological basket is a concept that began in the last century.

Currently there are several models of organic farming, with technological alternatives for producers by practicing harmoniously with the dynamics of ecosystems. Organic farming began as a result of the agrarian reforms that took place in Germany at the end of the 19th century and, moreover, the advent and effect of the Industrial Revolution and the World Wars on the agricultural sector. In 1924 Rudolf Steiner creates the so-called biodynamic agriculture that is based on the foundations and proposals of study linked to the philosophical slope anthroposophy. And then other currents appear in France, England and Italy.

Why buy a basket of organic fruit and vegetables?

According to the European Union, the terms “organic”, “biologic” and “ecologic” are synonymous and are used to refer to agricultural or livestock products intended for human or animal consumption which have been produced without the use of chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides …) or transgenic seeds. The consumption of organic food tries to reduce the use and the ingestion of chemicals, in the long run harmful to the health, and that also deteriorate the environment; and on the other hand to encourage the use of more natural and sustainable methods, for example, through the use of fertilizers such as compost, and to respect Nature’s own cycles.

Apart from taste, there are other reasons to consume organic fruit. In many cases, the skin of fruit and vegetables contains a very important part of the nutrients and fiber. In the case of intensive use of pesticides and chemicals, these substances remain on the skin and it is not easy to get rid of them when cleaning. Some fruits may peel (thus losing the richness of the skin, but others such as strawberries or cherries can not peel). In the case of vegetables, pesticides and fertilizers are concentrated in the part of the plant that we consume. For this reason, they are especially susceptible to the use of chemicals, since they go to our body.

When you receive vegetables from a basket, it comes directly from the producer. Vegetables and fruits have not been rolled out of stock market, nor stored in industrial fridges for weeks or months; usually they have been harvested for you the same day or the previous one. As the season goes by, the composition varies, according to the seasons, and you have the opportunity to enjoy every fruit or vegetable at its best. The seasonal foods are not only produced in a more natural way but also retain intact their nutritional properties and have a more intense flavor.

If you fancy you can consult the calendar of seasonal food prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. This way you will be more confident that the products in your basket are totally natural and, in addition, that you consume them at their best.

We have ecological basket of Maresme, Petit Bané, and Bonastre, Camp Sort.

Our food proposal is to offer a “space” to strengthen individual and family food resources. Our motto is to look for the healthy way of life that makes you happy and forget about the restrictions and rules that are in the diets.

We propose 
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Organic fruit and vegetable basket

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When: every Thursday
Investment: 15 to 20€.
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