How to improve my energy in 5 lessons

I’m happy? I’m tired? Or do I have enough energy?

In 2017 we have set ourselves to go on the path of happiness. And let’s start with one of the first steps: I take care of myself and love you. Where do I start? In this way we thank all the people who want to take care of their food with gratitude. I can not imagine a more cozy place. The aromas, the flavors, the caresses, the textures, … take you … to travel to the happiness of the body. Caring for you and loving you lights up inside you.

Summer course:
A process of general improvement of habits, food combination, body care and soul to live better. A personalized 3-month group course that will radically change your health and well-being.

Together, we will explore your situation and personal concerns about the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state, and we will introduce habits and tools necessary to live a healthy and balanced life.

A healthy and fun way to spend the summer, we will show you vegan and gourmet recipes from cook Gisela Izard Pallejà. In addition, in each workshop, we will raffle gifts and discounts.

Our summer course proposal offers a “space-time” in which to strengthen individual and family food resources. Did you know that healthy and happy people take one-tenth of the sick leave? Did you know that healthy and happy people have six times more energy and are twice as loyal and productive?

What do people say?

“I like that Gisela is always available for my doubts!”

“It helped me start myself to walk in my “self-care” way into energetic food”

“I noticed changes when learning to take care of me and to listen to my body. Energy has improved as a rocket and that makes me very happy”

“I value Gisela’s patience very positively since I started with a lot of resistance and what helped me most was her calm presence to support my process”

What is the course?


Provide a healthy diet for healthy biological digestion without anxiety. We will take care of our digestive system.
We will leave behind the feelings of guilt associated with food. We will take care of our emotions.
We will explore new foods and habits and how we can incorporate them into our diet with recipes that help us increase our energy. We will take care of our kidneys.
We will take care of our main organs and clean them to improve general health. We will take care of the liver and the skin.
We gain confidence and independence to create the life we ​​want. We will take care of our lungs.

What does the course include?

A group-workshop meeting every 15 days for 2 hours, with a total of 4 sessions, + one to close the course in October.
Support material, bibliography, recipes, books, examples of food.
Recipes according to season and personal evolution.
Online support between sessions.
CONTRIBUTION: € 50 / session. If you sign up for the entire course before the first session, 10% discount.

I’m interested! What should I do?

Book the initial session and commit yourself with yourself to spend time in the coming months.
Responsibility for the care of your body and your soul.
Commitment and discipline to follow the course.

When: Monday, July 10 and 24, and September 4 and 18, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Closing session on October 2 at the same time.

Where: Pastry shop Gisela, Fígols street, 27-29, 08028 Barcelona

REGISTRATION: By email to Payment by bank transfer.

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