Delivery terms

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1. Identification data

The portal is a website belonging to GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ with NIF 35079638-S company established in C /. Balmes, 67 (08007 Barcelona).

2. Ownership and service provider

GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ in his capacity as owner of this website and service providers of the information society, in accordance with existing legislation on Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce (Law 34/2002, 11 July, services of the information society and electronic commerce), offers users the following general information:

GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ is dedicated to the sale of food products, specialized in the production of vegan, organic and celiac pastry. All our raw material is organic, whole and vegan. The main ingredients of our products are biological flour, whole grain. Therefore they are valid for consumption of allergic or intolerant to lactose, to sugar and to gluten. In the event that the product is for consumption by a celiac person, you must specify so in the order.

3. Scope

GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ is responsible for the website, and offers users of this document that aims to fulfill the obligations under the Law 34/2002 of Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI -CE) and inform all clients, as to what the conditions of use of the website are.

By registering in and using our website or any other information provided as part of services IZARD PALLEJÀ GISELA, you agree and sign a binding manner the conditions of use of http: // which is incorporated by reference into these Terms of Use.

GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ reserves the right to change any information that could appear on this website, without any obligation of forewarning or to inform users such obligations, meaning enough with the publication on the website of the provider .

4. General conditions: User agreement

GISELA contract IZARD PALLEJÀ user to purchase their products will be refined in writing, stating the purpose, the reason, the price, the resolution of the same and any of its contractual clauses, according to the Law 3/2014, of March 27, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Decree 1/2007, of November 16 is modified.

Additional warns customers that the products displayed on the web page are photographs thereof, and may differ from the proven fact, which is why the consumer is informed in order it does not create confusion.

GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ facilitates clear and understandable, truthful and sufficient information on the characteristics of their products, including their legal, economic conditions and ingredients information. It is for this reason that the products put on sale offer maximum security both from a technical point of view as legal.

5. Terms and conditions of purchase
Purchase service online through regulated in these conditions allows the purchase of products subject to the following terms:

The products sold are totally perishable and immediate consumption, it is therefore not possible to proceed with your return, except for products with an expiration date, such as cookies that are enclosed and have a long-term consumption are.

Cookies are sent in individual boxes or bags suitable for food products, and are carefully packaged and keeping all precautions to arrive safely at their destination. We are not responsible for the failure of some of the cookies, although we can communicate to demand accountability from the transportation agency.

The delivery zones correspond to Barcelona city, province, national and international.

Freight rates are as follows: According to weight and province. Prices are subjet to MRW changes.

0 to 2 kg                                      € 7.02                                                  € 4.86
3 to 5 kg                                      € 9.17                                                   € 5.92
6 to 10 kg                                    € 11.35                                                 € 8.11
11 to 15 kg                                   € 13.52                                                 € 9.75
16 to 20 kg                                 € 15.69                                                  € 11.12
21 to 25 kg                                 € 19.48                                                  € 13.03
26 to 30 kg                                € 23.62                                                  € 15.46
31 to 35 kg                                 € 25.99                                                  € 17.01
36 to 40 kg                                € 28.58                                                  € 18.71
Every 5 kilos
+ € 4.00 every 5 kg
+ € 2.28 every 5 kg
Conditions of carriage orders:

In the case of not finding anyone to receive the order at any of the addresses indicated by the customer, we will have to remove the product. In this case, the customer will make the payment, of the failure to perform the service through no fault of the company.

If the carrier, by extraordinary circumstances, not to make delivery on the agreed schedule, avisaríamos and would look for alternatives to deliver the same day or the next day.

GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ hired as transport companies MRW

Customers can follow the path of packages in MRW through the following link:

GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ reserves the right to change, temporary suspension or cancellation, at any time of the service.

GISELA responsibility IZARD PALLEJÀ limited to fulfilling their obligations in the service. Possible compensation for damages, as well as payment of interest, is strictly limited, and may not exceed, in any case, the price paid by the customer for the purchase of products offered on this site at the time of the damage occurred. GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ not be liable for consequential damages (lost profits, loss of profits …) that could be claimed by third parties and / or the customer.

users that according to Art. 103 of the Law 3/2014, 27, does not apply the right of withdrawal is reported, as a service and special nature of goods that can deteriorate and / or expire rapidly.

Registration procedure:

Before the purchase, the user will have available on the web information on the procedures to be followed for the conclusion of the contract of sale of electronic products.

The purchase procedure online consists of several stages:

Step 1: Fill in the form of personal and identifying data from the client.
Step 2: Choose the products, units and weights of purchase by the user.
Step 3: Payment, which contain all the amounts receivable, including postage.
Step 4: Confirmation of all data from the client.
Step 5: Submission of products chosen by the user, which corresponds to the seller.

GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ file the electronic document to be accessible to the user at a time after the conclusion of the contract time.

As a customer you can modify your registration or, in the event, the company that you represent, should contact:

GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ at by email, or through a postal letter to GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ to C /. Balmes, 67 (08007 Barcelona), always accompanied by a photocopy of your identity card or document certifying entity they represent.

For the process of buying online will be required data necessary for the execution and control of the purchase, including product delivery and payment of price:

a. Billing data will be that stated in the user registration.

b. GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ is not responsible for the mistakes made by the user in the data you provide to the completion of the purchase. The user must pay special attention to the completion of forms and without prejudice to the possibility of correcting the data after completion of the purchase.

c. If the user enters wrong data during the checkout process and its correction results in costs, GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ reserves the right to charge these expenses to the user’s account or cancel the purchase request.

d. For the payment process, GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ uses the third parties services and in particular the payment gateway service of the financial institution TRIODOS. Such means of payment functions as a virtual terminal point of sale. The provider of the service request the user certain data for payment pursuant to the terms of payment that it offers.

e. You can also pay via bank transfer to the following account: Triodos Bank: ES92 1491 0001 29 2086359029 in the name of Gisela Izard. You must state the person making the said payment and the order or invoice number.

f. Once successfully completed the payment process, the contract is deemed concluded and GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ will confirm that procurement by email within a maximum of 24 hours. To do an email will be sent to the customer confirming the purchase performed 24 hours after it.

7. Customer Services

According to the Law of Consumers and Users (Law 3/2014 of 27 March, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, approved by Royal Decree amending 1/2007, of 16 November, being contracts outside business premises), GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ offers its customers a means of accurate and economic information.

For any customer complaints or suggestions, please contact:

GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ by email to or through a letter to GISELA IZARD PALLEJÀ C /. Balmes, 67 (08007 Barcelona) always accompanied by a photocopy of your ID