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Within the activities and services that we want to offer in our holistic pastry shop, we also include food, diet and nutrition talks given by María Pérez de Seoane, a dietitian with a great experience in nutrition, endorsed by courses and diplomas of different international institutions. One thing I really like is that she is a member of the “Dietetics without Sponsors” association.

She is an Integrative Dietitian and is in love with the food he enjoys eating. The pleasure of eating added to the knowledge on the properties of food that she cooks and recommends to people who attend her consultation or activities that she organizes. She likes to teach the changes in habits to people who try to take care of and advantage of each bite that we are pleased to eat and thus to apply the famous phrase of Hipócrates “Let your food be your medicine.” She consider that eating is one of the basic pillars of health, along with physical exercise and social welfare. She understands Dietetics and Nutrition as an instrument to enjoy and be happy.




11/17/17 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM:

In this “healthy breakfasts” workshop we will explain what we have for breakfast and many people who take care about themselves and take care of their children and / or grandparents. Starting the day with true, nutritious foods and, moreover, super-good, is a luxury that is paid with some time and dedication. Our recipes are easy and fun, they can even serve as a snack. And also that you can share them in the kitchen with family and friends.

We would love to have you in the kitchen at the Gisela pastry shop next Thursday 2 November 2017!

Where: Pastisseria Gisela c / Fígols 27-29 (Plaza del Sol de Baix)

Investment: € 20 and € 5 discount for the second workshop or person

I’m interested! What should I do? How do I reserve a place?

Reservations by mail to gisela@pastelvegano.com or call 696980091.

Bring pen and paper. Maria will teach us many useful tricks.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Our course proposal aims to offer a “space” where individual and family food resources are consolidated. Our motto is to look for a healthy way of life that will make you happy and forget about the restrictions and norms that exist in your diets.

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