Panellets and Saints Day

Panellets time!  …. hmmm ….

Anyone would imagine a panellet icecream? The weather being so sunny….

They are a typical dessert in Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia, the Balearic Islands and the Principality of Andorra which are traditionally prepared for the November 1, the feast of All Saints or chestnut Day.

Panellets as such, are said to date back to the eighteenth century, when they used to be eaten as blessed food to be share after the religious celebrations (panellets San Marcos and Santa Cruz). Like any traditional food, it has its legends and uncertain origin. Some believe they have originated in Northern Europe where a food rich in calories is so much better to endure the long cold night of the Dead. But surely, it is most likely derived from the Arabic pastries, given its composition based on almonds, its size and shape.

Being a very energetic food (such as chestnuts and sweet potatoes) they were very helpful to eat at All Saints Day (November 1) and All Souls’ Day (November 2), in which the dead were prayed for in the churches throughout the night of 1st to 2nd November, the congregation was awake all night. Variations of the combination of these ingredients are found in nougat, imperial cakes, sweets and other typical elaborations at Christmas and winter. Fresh nuts are hardly found in the market. What has spread is energy bars such as snacks or energy balls or truffles. Welcome Autumn!!!!

Today panellets are made in pastry shops, bakeries, supermarkets or made at home. You can also find more “modern” panellets where the most typical ingredients are diferent, like chocolate, orange, pistachio nuts, poppy seeds …

We make the sweet dough without sugar, raw ground almonds, agave syrup, boiled potato, citrus zest, and ingredients for flavor and personality.

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