Sound: the universe creating force?

What is sound?

Sound is considered, in physics, any phenomenon that involves a propagation of mechanical waves (can be audible or not), usually through a fluid (gas or liquid or solid or other elastic medium) that generates vibratory movement of a body. The propagation of sound means energy transport without transport of physical matter. The form of propagation is based on mechanical waves that pass through a solid, liquid or gaseous medium.

Experts say that our senses begin to develop in our week 3 inside the uterus and by week 8 the ear is already well structured to recognize the serious sounds of the passage of blood in the veins, stomach and heartbeat of the mother. From week 20-23 you can “hear” sounds more acute, the voice of the parents and remember them.

What is the sound for?

The sense of human hearing (and of animals in general) gives us information about the sounds of the world around us. And when we receive sound or emit sound it helps us to communicate.

In medicine, ultrasound is used to disinfect wounds, to diagnose tumors or to pulverize kidney stones.

In music therapy, it is used to help users improve their physical, emotional or mental health.

Apart from music therapy, scientists have also been investigating the effects of sound on the brain. In their research they have “seen” that the classical music pieces of composers such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven have positive effects because they structure the neurons, for example, increase the IQ and memory of the person, or accelerate the learning .

Masaru Emoto in his book “The Messages of Water” explains how water molecules are modified when exposed to ideas, spoken or written words, music …. Buddhists and quantum scientists also say so. Our body is composed of between 60-80% of water according to age and health. That is why the vibrations affect our body fluids. Pythagoras also claimed, already 2500 years ago, that a gem was, in reality, crystallized music.

Many religions and spiritual traditions coincide in giving to the sound and the use of the word as a powerful instrument of creation or destruction, which can give well-being or discomfort. For example, for Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism consider that the word is a vibration that creates and permeates EVERYTHING that exists:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1: 1

In the beginning was Brahman, and the Word was with Brahman. And the Word was Brahman. Rigveda Hindu scriptures

For the hidus vedas everything was created from the eternal sound known as AUM (OM). A universal sound that is considered the original sacred syllable of creation that has not ceased to vibrate in the cosmos ever since. And the Bible says in Genesis 1: 3 that when God said “Let there be light” creation began. This means that God had to “speak” for the light to be created. And specifically the word of God, according to some scholars, could be the sacred syllable OM. Scientists now also claim that galaxies are arranged in a regular pattern of clusters formed by primordial sound waves.

How can we improve our day to day with sound or music?
1. Listen to your favorite music for a while every day
2. Sing your favorite songs
3. Being kind and loving with yourself and with others, music and kindness are not only good for plants and pets
4. Stop complaining or have a pessimistic or fatalistic tendency, that is, stop mistreating yourself with the inner judge
5. Sing the sound OM

Searching for physical and mental balance is a daily task for human beings. Find it in the various elements that we have within reach, such as music, dance, yoga, meditation, drawing, art, are options to live a much healthier life.

Try that the sounds, the language and the music that comes to your ears and your heart every day positively feeds your soul, which includes reducing the time you spend on TV or watching the news.

Starting Monday, April 9, we will sing OM (Om chanting) at our bakery. You are invited to come. It is a free activity from 19.30 to 21.00. For more information you can send us an email to or call 696980091.

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