The “official” definition of energy is the ability of a material to produce work as motion, light, heat, etc. I think I had the wrong idea of what energy was. I thought of a more ethereal concept. I thought electricity, heat, movement, music, soul were energy.

I’m back from vacation. With renewed energy! And what makes you “be full of beans”? The sun or sunbathing? The sea or its sound or sea bathing or admire how beautiful it is? the heat? the change? leave the watch in a drawer? summer fruit or the sun, earth and water that have fed them?

Thanks to summer heat we can enjoy these very tasty sweet figs.

Thanks to fruit and vegetables I can prepare healthy and tasty cakes …. Mmmmmm … No gluten, no sugar, no eggs, dairyfree. All ingredients are organic, whole, vegan. Designed to care for and maintain our body healthy.


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