Thank you

Today this post may seem a little cheesy to you. But I would like to share my experience with you

I love my work. I love baking, making and decorating cakes. I like to do beautiful things as well as good for your health.

I like to think that I do things that contribute to make the world a little better.

Due to the fact of making organic, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free pastry many people with special physical or health situations come to order cakes. I also love sharing good moments with clients.

It is so touching to see how much people love each other. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate and share the mime to choose the cake, the affection of the presentation and the details, the effort of time or travel to collect the gift for the special person, be it mother, friend, couple … , awareness…

Thank you for sharing your dreams and wishes for happiness with me. Some examples are:

Children choosing cakes for their diabetic mother

Parents picking cakes for their newly vegan daughter

Parents who choose sugar-free cakes for their child

Girls choosing cakes for their egg-allergy partner

Guys picking cakes for his friend with cancer that can not eat sugar

Mothers who want to show their daughters how much they care about their food decisions, and show how much they love their daughters

Friends preparing breakfast for their guest. And many others that touch my heart.

Thank you for sharing a little bit of your passion with me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you



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Eliadys Responder

Hola Gisela, no es cursi tu post, es muy especial lo que escribes. Yo hago algunos postres crudiveganos y también siento que estoy haciendo un aporte especial al universo. Gracias por compartir tu sentir y por tu trabajo tan especial. UN abrazo

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