Obsidian Egg therapy

Today I tell you something different … no cooking or pastry, the theme is the Obsidian Egg.

How to use semiprecious stone eggs for female healing?

It is a very complete treatment for a holistic healing that includes the different human fields (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, nutritional). The female healing with the medicine, vaginal or yoni egg is a millenary technique discovered by the Taoist jade maidens; women who dedicated their lives to the study and practice of sexual alchemy in pursuit of immortality.

Benefits of the egg:

  • improves the tone of our sexual system
  • improves urine losses and prolapse of the genito-urinary system
  • improves the lack of orgasms or the low vulvo-vaginal sensitivity
  • balances our hormonal system by treating menstrual pains and vaginal dryness
  • improves blood and energy circulation by dissolving psychosomatic blockages that cause cysts, infections and inflammations
  • liberates from pleasure and enjoyment inhibitors, which increases orgasmic capacity

Taoist women discovered that the female sex organs are open windows to the Universe. Depending on your muscle tone, a woman may feel full of vitality and energy or exhausted for no apparent reason. If the muscles of the vagina are weak, the woman loses her vitality even while she sleeps. For jade maidens, it was clear from practice that the tonicity of the vagina is the key to controlling aging and weight. The temperature of the sexual organs is an important factor in the regulation of the metabolism of fats. The colder the genital area, the slower the metabolism.

The practice with medicine eggs is very simple and pleasant and the advances and results are visible right away. There are several phases according to the tonicity of the vagina and can be enhanced with Tao Healing techniques.

Marta Trigo from Seda Calenta performs a therapeutic accompaniment on the healing journey of the Tao de la Obsidiana.

Marta Trigo is a wise teacher who has been trained in Mexico, with the COMPITCH (Council of Organizations of Traditional Indian Doctors and Midwives of Chiapas), in herbal medicine and natural cosmetics, agroecology, in female sexuality, in support of breastfeeding, in ecofeminism, floral therapy, in Kinesiology, in Tapping / EFT, in Biomagnetism, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Nu ZI Gong (Qi Kung of Women), in Taoist female sexual Alchemy, and in Tantra and Neo-tantra.

I highly recommend this therapeutic trip. It is a gift for your body and your soul.

I’m interested! what should I do? How do I reserve a place?


The black moons of winter are the ones that most invite us to travel inside our soul. That is why this cycle is always done in winter and the encounters are made as close as possible to the black moon. This cycle 2017-2018 the dates of the meetings will be

First meeting: November 18
Second meeting: December 16
Third meeting: January 13
Fourth meeting and closes: February 17


Group meetings will be held in Sanango. Pelai, 7 in Barcelona and the individual sessions can be done in the same Sanango or in Banyoles.

Course information here

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