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Welcome to Gisela biological and vegan bakery
We offer vegan and organic products, fresh and natural. Health above all! We only have one body in this life …. ¡It’s good to take care of it! Ethics, honesty and respect for nature and our body. We are one of the first biological and vegan cake shops that combines the principles of Slow Food and Masari Emoto, Zen philosophy, Ayurveda medicine and Music therapy.

You can find savory snacks and healthy desserts without animal products. We use rice, chestnut, almond, buckwheat, coconut, rye, corn, chickpea flour… that’s why are appropriate for people who follow a paleo diet, are vegan or vegetarian, lactose intolerant, or allergy to eggs or gluten and are suitable for those who want to enjoy the healthy food without additives, flavorings or preservatives.
Thanks to our passion for health we have halved the amount of brown sugar or replaced it by fruit.
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