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The main ingredients of bread are water, flour, yeast, temperature and time.
The main ingredients of cakes and cookies are flour, sugar (brown sugar or fruit), fat (olive or sunflower oil, coconut butter) and a binding element (fruit , water, oil), temperature and time .

All the ingredients we use are organic . Fruits and vegetables are seasonal and local. I like to add herbs to cookies, cakes, bread and muffins.

We filter water and apply the energy principles of Zen philosophy and ayurvedic medicine. We also follow Masaru Emoto’s advice on water.

All flours are whole grain. We like to make bread and cakes with chickpea flour, buckwheat, oats, kamut, rice …

We substituted butter or margarine for extra virgin olive oil, first- pressed sunflower or coconut butter. In any case we never use animal fat.

We replace eggs with natural pectin from fruit, such as apple or peach.

We changed white sugar for unrefined organic brown sugar. We have also halfed the amount of brown sugar. In many cases we also substitute brown sugar for apple in winter and for peach in summer. As from March 2014 we started to leave sugar behind and substitut it 100% for fresh or dry fruit.

For cakes, we use a home made yeast based on cream of tartar and baking soda. For bread, we take the advice of bakers such as Dan Lepart.