Xylitol is a polyol or sugar alcohol. It is obtained from birch wood. The calorific value is 2.4 calories per gram compared to 4.0 for sugar or sucrose. It has about the same value of relative sweetness compared to sucrose. It is used as a substitute for sucrose in food for diabetics because they do not require insulin for metabolism. Candida albicans can be reduced by xylitol intake in humans.

You are advised not to give food to dogs that may contain xylitol for it may experience a sugar decrease in blood which may produce loss of coordination, depression, collapse or accesses 30 minutes after the intake.

It was discovered in 1891 by a German chemist Hermann Emil Fischer, and his colleagues.

So far, I have not found certified organic xylitol. Therefore, we use it only under specific client request.

To replace sugar we use other products such as raisins, dates, agave syrup and rice syrup.