Books that help us travel through life

Today I suggest reading a book both powerful and entertaining, funny and surprising.

Elena Mateos presents  “A fabulous life”(“Una vida de fábula”). They are short and specific, but powerful to improve our lives and understand certain concepts that sometimes escape us messages stories.

It includes stories collected in different cultures and philosophies taking us travel through other worlds to enrich and enhance our inner world and our way of seeing and doing things.

Like children, adults sometimes it costs a bit to understand some concepts which, being simple, seem to us impossible because the forest is not visible to the one found inside. That’s where the extraordinary book of Elena Mateos takes its place and meaning. It is a collection of tales and fables containing not so much a moral, but rather an implicit and simple message that will allow us to understand concepts that alone would be much more difficult to achieve.

Apply the story … and change your life. The stories and fables help us transform our thoughts and therefore our reality. The symbolic language of the stories have the ability to dive into our unconscious and help to initiate changes, solve problems and realize our dreams. These brief and inspiring stories teach overcome fears, obstacles and doubts and limiting beliefs to replace the magical thinking that precedes great achievements. How compasses to guide the soul, this book includes stories … help solve conflicts in your environment; significant changes in the life; make dreams come true; mitigate the sadness and forget the daily difficulties; and promote happiness in yourself and in others.

“The stories serve children sleep and adults wake up.” Jorge Bucay

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