Top sales of the week

It was another extraordinary week!
We started with a lot of work preparing the panellets to Saturday and Sunday. Thankyou friends for your support! Thankyou customers!

This week we added two new selling points: Sant Antoni and La Colmena La Colmena MOB. Then I’ll tell you in another post.

And the top sales of the week has been two other stars in traditional pastry in Spain. One is sweet and the other savory.

On the one hand, panellets, sweet but no sugar, thanks to the coconut, the agave syrup to the strawberry jam (no sugar), a tangerine ..

How would you describe the panellets?

  1. Smooth and crispy outside thanks to seeds or almonds
  2. Golden color
  3. Smooth and soft inside

On the other hand, the pie, savory, with seasonal vegetables.

How would  you describe it? Surprisingly, the same way as panellets!
1. crusty surface (both with gluten or glutenfree)

2. Golden Color
3. soft, tasty and aromatic interior
4. Vegetables and herbs kmO

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