Raw food benefits

In recent years unprocessed food has gained many adepts as it is a very easy way to take nutrients that are very beneficial to our health, and feel more energetic. They give us a good dose of extra energy that replaces other less beneficial alternatives.

What is the science behind cooking food?

When cooking food at temperatures higher than 40-47 ° C, approximately 70% of the nutrients are lost, 30% to 50% of the vitamins are lost and many minerals are destroyed.

The main idea of ​​a raw food diet is to eat unprocessed food, and eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and fresh seeds. Usually we already do in spring and summer.

What are the benefits of increasing raw foods?

With the exception of the digestive peculiarities of each person and their health, in general we can notice an increase of energy, an improvement of the digestive and immune system, skin and hair more healthy, helps us to regulate the weight, we have lower risk of Heart disease, maintains optimal cholesterol levels, reduces cravings, helps maintain hormonal and emotional balance, and helps concentration and memory.

How to “build” a fresh healthy and balanced menu? Mercè and Gisela help you prepare a menu with a good combination of ingredients, nutrients and benefits.

What results do you want to achieve? All this is taught and explained by Mercé and Gisela in the workshop on July 6 and October 5.

Are you interested?

Our proposal of courses of food and nutrition is to offer a “space” where to strengthen the individual and family food resources. Our motto is to look for the healthy way of life that makes you happy and forget about the restrictions and rules that are in the diets.

Where: Pastelería Gisela, Calle Figols, 27-29, 08028 Barcelona
When: every Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Investment: € 40 per workshop, € 35 if you join three.
I’m interested! what should I do?

How do I reserve a place? Send an email to gisela@pastelvegano.com or call 696 980 091.

Other workshops we propose
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20-7-17: Healthy and energetic breakfasts + spices and habits to increase energy
27-7-17: Healthy and Detox Milkshakes and Snacks

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5-10-17: RAW Menu for Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free Autumn

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