Tomorrow, another holiday

Tomorrow the shop is closed. Yes, yes, tomorrow we rest.
We return on Tuesday.
All our products are vegan,  glutenfree, sugarfree, organic, with no preservatives nor artificial colorings.

I’ve been doing statistics to see if I can ask for the Slow Food Restaurant certification. And yes!

The most local product is the strudel. Apple and pear, raisins, almonds and flour are from Catalonia. I get Cinnamon  from Madagascar.

The raw chocolate bombons have material from further afield. Cocoa and coconut come from the tropics. I think  there are still no coconut palm trees in Maresme.

Eat well, eat healthy.

Remember that our products and courses offer you a place in which to strengthen  individual and family food resources. Our motto is to look for a healthy way of life that makes you happy, so that you can forget about the restrictions and rules that come with diets.

Thanks to all those who make the world a little better every day.



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