Healthy Pastry

Following my way to healthy, hones and nutritious pastry , I have the pleasure and honor to announce that many of the products I offer are approved by Dr. Clavera.

Apart from being vegan, what is special about these products?

  1. They are glutenfree biscuits, bread and cakes
  2. Sugarfree
  3. They also are oxalatefree biscuits, bread and cakes
  4. And Yeastfree
    Thus, they are easier to digest, more usable by the body and contain less anti-nutrients.


Who is Dr. Clavera?

Dra. Maria Jesus Ortiz Clavera was a member of the Epidemiological Committee for the Study of the Causes of Toxic Syndrome Epidemic. This study took several years of his life and laid the foundation of his special way of seeing epidemics and treat disease.

Since 1990 she develops her welfare work in a private practice both in Barcelona and Madrid where she has developed an increasingly integrated medicine, with particular importance in nutritional and intestinal aspects as a cause and cure of chronic, autoimmune and degenerative diseases.

In 2001 she was privileged to know and deepen the biomedical protocol for treating children with autism or developmental problems: “Defeat Autism Now!” Based on the same nutritional principles and orthomolecular that the doctor had been using for much of his career.

Since then other protocols such as “Low Oxalate Diet”, “Protocol Chelation Andrew Cutler” and “Yasko Protocol” among others, have expanded their views on the causes and treatment of autism as well as newly emerging diseases (Autism, ADHD, fibromyalgia , chronic fatigue syndrome, MCS, Alzheimer’s, etc …).

She is medical adviser to the Autism Oxalate Project and since 2006 she uses the Low Oxalate Diet, advocated by Dr. Susan Owens, to counteract the intoxicating and inflammatory role of endogenous and exogenous oxalates in development problems.

Currently, the biomedical treatment of autism and other TD is based primarily on Nutrition, Natural Medicine and Orthomolecular Medicine.

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