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Could we say that health and happiness are the most important principles of our life?

How do we create health and happiness in our life? Is there a magic formula? Is there a method? How do I get it?

There are many ways to maintain health and create happiness in our life. Today I propose the method of Louse Hay to create a lifestyle that supports your health and your happiness. The purpose of the method is to teach you to love yourself better. Because the most important person in your life is you, your body, your soul and your heart.

Some things that Louise Hay advises us:

  1. Actually life is very simple. What we give is what we receive. Each of our thoughts creates our future.
  2. They are only thoughts, and thoughts can be changed. This can also be applied to health
  3. We create in our body what we call diseases and, therefore, we also have the power to change our thoughts and begin to dissolve them
  4. Free yourself from your resentments and negative thoughts to help dissolve diseases
  5. When you do not know what to do, concentrate on love. Loving yourself helps you feel good. Actually, good health is feeling good.
  6. When we really love yourself, everything else in life works, including our health.

Recently, a very elderly person with Alzheimer’s told me “eat, shut up and pray”. It must have been the motto he was taught at the nun’s school. However, nothing is further from this motto to care for and love our body in its entirety.

What can we do to improve the health of our body?

  1. Manage and reduce stress
  2. Reduce negative beliefs and thoughts
  3. Improve the relationship with your body and with yourself
  4. Pay attention to the messages the body gives you: heat, cold, thirst, hunger … and very, very, very, very specially if you are tired
  5. Decide that the most important person in your life is you
  6. Decide to have fun (do you have hobbies and friends?)
  7. Celebrate everything you can
  8. Think positive
  9. Disconnect from the media
  10. Connect with your passion and your dreams

You see, it looks a lot and it can be little. The important thing is to start step by step and set small goals. Actually, the most important food of our life is love. So love yourself with all the strength and passion you can. Take care, you are the most important guest of your life.

According to Dr. Jorge Perez-Calvo and studies that have been conducted in the United States, many depressions can be rooted in a general energetic decline due to one or more of the following factors:

– Excessive stress, work and exigency that subjects the person to excessive wear, few hours of sleep, poor diet, etc.
– Deficiency of blood and fluids in the liver due to nutritional deficiencies.
– A blockage of energy-emotions in the liver due to emotional containment and frustration, with long-term accumulated tension.
– Excessive use of screens (computers, mobile phones, tablets, televisions) that consume a lot of fluids and the blood that is stored in the liver.
– Lack of sleep hours.
– An excessive consumption of alcohol or spicy food.

These factors seem to be the “disease” of “rich” countries or people. When you do not have anything, only survival matters. Should we demand society or the state to watch over all of us? or does each one have to “take care” of his own affairs? Is it capitalism versus communism? Is the privatization of failure or stress generated by the current system? The welfare of the individual versus the welfare of the group? I recently saw a TED talk by Susan Pinker where she talked about a study carried out on the reasons that predict how long you will live. The first reason is social support (from friends, neighbors and family). So much individualization and it turns out that social support satisfies the hunger of the soul better than anything else.

If you want more details you can read

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Remember that it is for your planet to reduce the plastic packaging of a sun. Redueix, reuse and recycle.

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