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Desayuno Pastel de especias

I met Cristina years ago. She is an expert and professor of Integral Movement, Meditation, Denshin Massage, skull Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Metamorphic Technique, Aromatherapy, hot stones and essential oils, moxibustion and cupping … apart from cultural anthropologist.

And suddenly last yearshe said: “I want to create a blog, too many beautiful and shiny things remain hidden, I would like everyone knew them, to bring them out.”

And that day  MyVeryBests …is born

This world turns too fast and in that speed we miss the little things that are so important and at the end of the day so important as the “big” ones.

Master of senses, with her taste and her poetry, she invites us into her world of hidden treasures. I recommend you to visit her blog: myverybests.com.

And this is what she has found in me:

GISELA, vegan, healthy and natural confectionery made with conscience.
Gisela Izard has thin and fluffy hands, looks calm and warm voice. Between her fingers, her teacup seems to float weightlessly. I would not mind being the dough of her rose or lavender cookies .


Neither she seemed to be in a hurry. Or come from anywhere or go anywhere. Whole and despite her busy schedule, she is moved to tears when talking about Zen kitchen, a passion we share.

Delicious truffles
She graduated in English philology, had a translation company based in London. She was in charge of many people, many travels in Europe and high doses of stress.

A severe skin condition shakes her whole life and she is transformed, slowly and based on common sense, until today.

She leaves the company and returns to Barcelona, ​​where besides the care of his two children, decided to dive into his other two passions: music therapy and kitchen. Neither she knew nor wanted to choose, simply welcomed both and today combines and merges them.

GISELA is one of the first biological and vegan bakeries in Europe. She does not use any additives, preservatives or flavors, nor animal fats products. All ingredients are fresh and natural. She makes a singular’s use of flours as different as chestnut, coconut, rye, corn, rice, oats and chickpea flour. Ethics, honesty and respect for nature and our body are part of her principles as well as the Zen tradition, Ayurveda, Slow Food and conscious cuisine.

So far, the project is already original and pioneering, but why are so special cakes Gisela?

Because above all, and beyond the care and impeccable choice, ecological, proximity ingredients, season and quality, Gisela puts more in her work: sensitivity, wisdom and life experience.


Spinache Quiche

Attentive to beat the ingredients needed to enter into dialogue without fighting, finding the perfect harmony kitchen. His hands and awareness melt into the dough and work can not appreciate seeing some separation between itself and the whole grain pellets.

She explains that although we associate the art of cakes to sweet pastry, it also also contains other savory flavors.

Onion and fresh tomato bread

She also closely monitores the quality of water used, following Masaru Emoto’s advice. I am fascinated by her theories and ideas that end up being cupcakes, brownies, pies, strudels and panellets.

Music, words and sound are any vibration is transmitted to liquids more than solids. And we, eighty percent water, we are always vibrating. The vibration in which Gisela kneaded and baked strokes is pure presence.

In his workshop, your body enters into dialogue with the ingredients, without words, and often plays in the background and into the dough, a piece of Mozart.

Gisela is ready for anything, because she likes to research and diversity in its online store you can find everything from birthday cakes, vegan pate, specialty breads, custom cookies, quiches, pies, panellets, truffles, chocolates strudels and more. And if you do not find what you want, ask, sure she gives you a good answer.

Thanks to her pedagogical skills and the desire to share her knowledge, she is also giving workshops.

And in individual sessions, she coaches you to a better health through nutrition and more. She takes you through the path of dietary changes, respecting rhythms and resistance, reflecting on patterns and beliefs, adding rather than deductingn. Gisela says we’re all on the way.

Gisela offers a healthy cooking option, one that everyone can enjoy. Although there is a reference to a particular audience, I assure you it is not necessary to be vegan or celiac to enjoy her breads, pies, cookies, muffins or cakes. Beyond her philosophy and ingredients is the loving personal relationship with her work that nourishes me beyond my palate and stomach.

I invite you to know a little more and take a stroll through her web www.pastelvegano.com where she gladly attends your orders, salty or sweet. Enjoy your meal!

The photos that appear in this post were gently provided by Gisela.

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