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What is a carquinyoli?

Carquinyolis are dry pastries typical of Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Valencia, Aragon, Aquitaine, Sicily and Tuscany. Each place has its variety: dryness, chopped or whole almonds, with chocolate, wider or thinner.

In Catalonia the carquinyoli that stands out is the ones from San Quentin Mediona, those from the Espluga Francolí, Caldes de Montbui or Rupit and Pruit.

Carquinyolis are usually  made with a mixture of sugar, flour, egg and toasted almonds. Here, however, you will find glutenfree, sugarfree, dairyfree, eggfree and yeastfree carquinyolis.

To make them one would form a flattened and elongated trunk of about 3-6 cm wide by 2 cm. Once cooked it is cut into slices 1-2 cm thick just to be toasted again. They are eaten cold. You can serve them with sweet wine, as a dessert or snack.

Almonds must be whole and unpeeled. You can add ground anise (aniseed), lemon essence, vanilla.

A little history:

The first documented recipe comes from an Italian manuscript of Amadio Baldanzi a pratense scholar of the eighteenth century, preserved in the archives of Prato. This document was called biscote the Genoese. The recipe was later recovered by pastry chef Antonio Mattei in the nineteenth century and has come down to us with more or less modern variants. The baker himself presented the carquinyoli at the 1867 Paris Universal Exhibition and received a special mention.

Carquinyolis are used in various traditional Catalan dishes such as rice with sardines or rabbit. They are also used in the sauce for onions (calçots) or the sauce in a recipe for a duck in Baix Llobregat.

In the city of Vic (Catalunya), the “carquinyoli” is who conducts the annual summer festival in honor of the patron St. Albert of Sicily.

The  Vic carquinyoli was born in the mid-nineteenth century, in the form of a grotesque doll symbolizing hunger and shortages occurring as a result of an epidemic that broke out in the city of Vic and thanks to the blessed water St. Albert did not produce deaths among neighbors.
On St. Albert’s Day, neighbors walk the carquinyoli doll around the neighborhood. First it was a disproportionate character, very dry and thin; But over the years it took on other forms and meanings. In recent decades, every year, the carquinyoli changes the face for a famous person, an artist, a politician or media personality.
For more than 100 years, carquinyols arrives at the train station, an event that attracts hundreds of carquinyolis (doll devotees) who, encouraged by a musical fanfare accompany the protagonist, who is perched on a balcony in the neighborhood, from which he presides over all festivities in honor of St. Albert.
From the balcony, the doll makes a speech directed at neighbors and participant, and  then they all sing the traditional song:

Carquinyoli Song

And where you’re going, carquinyols, carquinyols,
and where you’re going, this carquinyols nose.

I’m going to the street of Gurb Gurb street,
I’m going Gurb street to enjoy.

Sixteen bread
sixteen wine
King carquinyols
we have it here, yes! Yes!.

Carquinyoli, where you were?
so long, you do not, “we can observe” seen?
children miss you,
to greet you.

Caquinyoli fifteen laps
Your name, we “honor”
for you are the king of revelry,
come to greet you.

(Cantador) Olé revelry!
(Everyone) salt olé!
(Cantador) Long live the holidays!
(Everyone) St. Albert.

(Cantador) We are all teachers,
(Everyone) professionals,
(Cantador) but pockets
(Everyone) without a penny.

(Cantador) Who door “vita”
(Everyone) who takes frac,
(Cantador) who has a beard,
(Everyone) who was peeling.

(Everyone) But this year the whole neighborhood,
we have fun as well,
and do not want to spend,
no need to move the floor.

(Cantador) If you go to the cinema,
(Everyone) has been raised!
(Cantador) going to the theater,
(Everyone) is too expensive!

(Cantador) A unique “puesto”
(Everyone) you can go!
(Cantador) street Gurb
(Everyone) enjoy!

And where you’re going …

(Cantador) If you’ve lost rabbits
(Everyone) for them to go,
that eat vegetables,
poor peasant , ra, ra.

(Cantador) We are fantastic! (Everyone) Yes!
(Cantador) We are fantastic! (Everyone) Yes!
(Cantador) We are fantastic! (Everyone) Yes! Yes! Yes!
(All) Long live our mothers! Yes! Yes!

Ingredients: organic, integral vegans, km0

Glutenfree, sugarfree and yeastfree: chickpea flour *, apple juice *, toasted hazelnut or almond *, raisins*, flax seeds* or guar gum*, extra virgin olive oil*, lemon juice*, anise and anise seed* and sea salt*.

Approved by Dr. Clavera:

Ingredients organic production. 100% organic production.

Allergens: Glutenfree. May contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts, wallnuts.

Storage conditions: In a cool, dry place. Expiration date: one month from date of purchase. It can be used as a basis to thicken a soup or a sauce, ​​to make crostini for appetizers, or in soups as fried bread.



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