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RAW cake



Product Description

In general we think that cakes are baked. However we have some deliciously healthy RAW options.

For the time being we have vegan raw cheescake and truffle cake.

Vegan raw almond cheese cake:

Cheesecake is a very American dessert, is it not? Oops, it seems that cheesecake was already made 2000-3000 years ago in Greece … So it was “born” in the “cradle” of European civilization. Is that why we like it so much?

In some areas, cheesecake is one of the most common desserts in the world and, perhaps, one of the oldest that uses dairy. The earliest written mention of a cheesecake is that of the Greek physician Aegimus, who wrote a book on the art of making cheese (πλακουντοποιικόν σύγγραμμα-plakountopoiikon suggramma). Also Cato the Elder, in his manual De Agri Cultura (also called De Re Rustica), includes recipes of two cakes for religious uses: libum and placenta. Of the two, placenta is more akin to most modern cheese cakes, with a crust that is prepared and cooked separately. Cheese cake was a protein-based cheese cake for athletes participating in the first Olympic Games in the year 776 BC. The cake spread throughout Europe through the Romans.

However, apparently cheesemaking dates back to 2000 b.C. , cheese molds dating from that period have been found.

We make it with raw almond milk.

Raw truffle cake:

Raw truffle cake is made with dates and cacao powder, or with carob. Its an energy boosting cake. You’d better skip it at night.

Ingredients: organic, whole, vegan, km0

Classic Cheese cake: Sweet. Glutenfree.
Almond *, hemp *, coconut sugar*, coconut oil *, agave syrup*, spices *, sea salt *.

Topping: strawberry, blackberry, apricot, pear

Savory Cheese cake:  Glutenfree.
Almond *, hemp *, coconut sugar*, coconut oil *, agave syrup*, spices *, sea salt *.

Topping: pesto, olivada, dry tomato

Raw truffle cake: Sweet. Gluten free.
Almond*, dates*, coconut oli*, cacao powder or carob*, spices*, sea salt*.

100% organic production.

Allergens: Glutenfree. Contains almond. May contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts, gluten.

Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated. Expiration date: 4-6 days.



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