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Celebration cakes



Product Description

We want your cake to be fantastic! Because your special day should be fantastic!

We offer many possibilities, imagine and make a wish before blowing out the candles!

How would you like your cake?

Here we show several flavors: chocolate and popcorn, chocolate and strawberry, or toasted hazelnut, carrot and pink, pina colada, red velvet …

And several ways: Pikachu, popcorn tower, the little prince, a heart, a ghost …

It could be a huge cake or many small ones. There are plenty of sizes and flavors.

And of course remember we do not to add eggs or wheat flour or butter, or milk.

Marcel Proust in his novel In Search of Lost Time presents a scene in which the narrator regains the memory of his childhood after smelling and eating a madeleine dipped in tea. What you want your cake to remind you of?

Most cakes also have their legends. The legend explains that this cake was delivered by the princess to the dragon and so the dragon was gratefu to her. The gossips say that the dragon was bad, but the princess did not think so. The friendship between the Dragon and the Princess started on a cake tasting.

Ingredients: organic, whole, vegan, km0

Ingredients: Whole rice or chickpea flour *, boiled water, apple*, apple juice*, raisins*, extra virgin olive oil *, cinnamon or vanilla*, (almond *,) lemon juice*, baking soda and sea salt *.

* 98.43% organic production.

Allergens: Glutenfree. It may contain raw almonds. May contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts.

Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place. Expiry date: 3-5 days after purchase.



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