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Catering Service



Product Description

Glutenfree Eco vegan Catering Service

In this service we combine all the products of our bakery and present them even more beautiful.

You can choose between or combine the sweet and savory table, combination of flavors and colours, sweet and savory pastries, quiche and canapes, cakes and pies, truffles and energy balls, muffins and sweet or savory cupcakes, raw and cooked.

In the photos you have some examples of caterings and products.

It seems that initially the word caterer was used to designate the drinks and meals service provided for passengers and crew on an airplane, later to be used for groups of people working in the same place. Today the possibilities are many: for private or family celebrations: weddings, baptisms, communions, anniversaries … or for companies: coffee breaks, product presentation, congresses, …

The most common presentations for the caterings can be the following:

Served Meals: These are dishes prepared to be served to each diner at the table. Same as the personalized service offered in restaurants but with a single menu preset. It can be a unique dish or a complete menu. It can range from a private dinner to a large corporate banquet or wedding.
Buffet food: It is a self-service meal, where the diner himself serves the food.
Food Stations: It is similar to buffet food, but organized in small stations / tables. In formal cases, they can be classified by region or by style of cuisine. Other stations can be fruits and salads, cafeteria, sushi, desserts.
Miniplails and appetizers: They are small plates easy to serve and taste, and laborious to prepare because of its size. They should be able to eat without cutlery or with a small one. Some are served in small oriental spoons, mini-canoes, mini skewers, etc.
Coffee break is a term used to define the breaks of talks, work meetings, courses and / or events in general, in which the participant is provided with some drink and small snacks to pause the meeting.
Packaged meals: They are breakfasts, lunches, snacks or dinners served in disposable trays (of ecological material, recycled and recyclable) designed for that purpose.

Ingredients: organic, whole, vegan, km0, glutenfree

Ingredients: see each product

Allergens: Glutenfree. May contain nuts.

Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place. Expiration date: 3-5 days after purchase.


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