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Product Description

What is a truffle?

We have two possibilities: the fungus or the chocolate ball.

Truffles (Tuber) are a genus of fungi Ascomycetes family Tuberaceae. It has a symbiotic relationship micorrícicacon trees such as chestnut, walnut and especially those of the genus Quercus as the oaks or oaks.

The truffle is a sweet look and taste similar to chocolate but made with a mixture of black chocolate melted (type fondant), butter, icing sugar, egg yolk and cream.


It is difficult to say exactly where chocolate truffles come from  because some countries claim the discovery. Most dishes and desserts have a legend. Here you have two possible legends.

Some say that the traditional “truffle” originated in Belgium and was called truffle because the shape and texture closely resembles the mushroom of the same name.

Some say the truffle was created in France by Louis Dufour, confectioner from Chambery. On 28 December 1895 Mr. Dufour realized that his store was empty of supplies and would not be able to supply his customers. He refused to ask for help from other confectioners in the region, so he had to figure out a solution. He decided to make himself a product worthy of the quality of his boutique but it should be quick to produce. First he whisked the cream, then added cocoa, vanilla and in an instant the mixture was made … He carefully formed small balls that he dipped in chocolate and after he rolled them in cocoa powder.

Thus the first truffle was born, a small Savoyard creation that was the last inspiration of this great pastry chef.

Truffle varieties we produce with organic, fair trade, whole, vegan, sugarfree and high-quality products are:

Chocolate truffles:

Host ingredients: cocoa raw powder, almond, dates or raisins, apple juice
Invited ingredients: Hazelnut, Star anise, liqueur, mint, rose, verveine, salted sunflower seeds, pumkin seeds, tahina, matcha, cúrcumin, red velvet, orange, tangerine

Truffles other flavors also called energy snacks (energy or energy balls bites)

Host ingredients: coconut, almond and dates or raisins, apple juice

Invited ingredients: Chocolate,  banana,  pumpkin seed, tahin, matcha, rose, mint, curcumin and pepper, red velvet

Ingredients: organic, whole, vegan, km 0
Glutenfree: Cocoa raw powder *, boiled / filtered water, almond* or hazelnut*, linseed*, sunflower or pumpkin seed*, coconut oil* , raisins* and juice apple* and sea salt*.
* Ingredients of organic production. 100% organic production.
Allergens: Glutenfree. May contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts.
Storage conditions: Keep refrigerated. Best before 1-2 weeks depending on the truffle.


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