What has music, violence vindication, rape and class struggle have in common?

Do you feed your soul with music and positive words?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about music and its effects on our state of mind and our physical body. It is science and emotion combined. Energy, waves and vibrations. I invite you to read about the works of Masaro Emoto, a Japanese scientist who photo-photographed the influence of music, words and meditation on water and food.

It is clear that music excites us and makes us happy. It brings back memories, just like the flavors or smells. It’s the Proust effect of music. It has been shown that music brings multiple benefits to the emotional and physical health of human beings. Therefore, the importance of music therapy in hospital, school, geriatric environments …

And it is also used for negative things. Languages ​​are music. Each place has its intonations and its vocabulary. Like verbal abuse are words and insults that affect our heart and, therefore, our physique. It is not the same to say “I love you” than “you are stupid”.

This comes from the lyrics of many “current” songs. No need to listen to music from destructive extremist groups or heavy metal to affect you. Although we can all have times of anger and destruction in which we need to express it somehow. As Jodorowsky suggests, we can slash a melon or watermelon, or hit the ball as if it were the person or problem you want to destroy.

On November 21st, the Cultural Center Albareda del Poble Sec of Barcelona organized the talk entitled Reggaeton com a estratègia de distracció (Reggaeton as a distraction strategy). The speaker was Sarah Ardite. Thank you Sarah for putting these issues on the table. Some mothers already say it, but it seems that our children do not see or listen to the alarm message at the moment.

Most of the reggaeton songs move between two areas, according to Ardite: romantic-stupid songs and violent songs. Also, that the lyrics are misogynist and male chauvinist is beyond doubt. That is, denigrating women is not perceived as a crime by any of the parties involved in this business. The vast majority of the lyrics are misogynist, sexist, denigrate women, incite violence against them, incite rape, and advocate crime.

If someone wanted to spread songs that made apology to fascism, would we let them continue playing? Depending on which countries yes and others wouldn’t …. Would we approve of these songs singing in commercial channels, and have hundreds of millions of views? Would it be permissible for these songs to sound on soccer fields full of young people?

And Sarah goes further. The raegeton is a genre that helps maintain the status quo. It distorts reality. If you spend the day thinking about dogging, you do not spend it thinking about what to do in a positive way. It does not generate higher educational needs, but it contributes to perpetuate existing negative conditions. It does not require improvements in the system, it lowers the reference models: fewer aspirations, less investment in schools and in books by governments. Sarah Ardite believes that it is a commercial phenomenon in the form of music that is used as a tool to manipulate and control excluded people due to the economic aggressions of the system. Excluded because of lack of education, because they are the poor, mestizos, non-whites, and half of them, being women.

I invite you to read the original article here

I invite you to listen to the conference here

Searching for physical and mental balance is a daily task for human beings. Finding it in the various elements that we have within reach, such as music, dance, yoga, meditation, drawing, art, are options for living a much healthier emotionally speaking life.

Try that the sounds, the language and the music that reaches your ears and your heart every day positively nourish your soul 🙂

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