Do you want to learn how to make turrón?

Where: Socium, c / Salva, 44, Poble Sec, Barcelona
When: 11-12-15, 19: 00h
What: Workshop and healthy vegan candies
How to: Course Objectives

A proposal to explore how to make the nougat. We three types of nougat: the nougat of Jijona, nougat coconut nougat and chocolate. All cheer and complement the Christmas dessert, even providing us with energy for the winter cold. Prepare healthy recipes, exuberant, easy and tasty to highlight, complete, rejoice and celebrate dessert. Thanks to the contribution of early health, vegetarian, Zen philosophy, feng shui and energy containing foods, learn to cook three nougats. The workshop is for people who wish to learn a variety of techniques for developing different nougats.

Program and / or basic content

Ingredients, how to prepare them, protect them and serve them.

And variations of nougat Jijona

Nougat and chocolate variants

Coconut nougat and variants

Do not forget to wear apron and tupperware

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