Do you want mor information about healthy pastry?

Do you want more information about healthy pastries? Do you want to learn how to make a healthy cake at home?

On Wednesday, January 31, you can learn many interesting things about how to make pastry “without” the classic ingredients: egg, milk, butter, flour and sugar.

When: 31 de enero, 19:30

Where: Centro cívico El Sortidor (Poble Sec),

Plaça del Sortidor, 12
08004. Barcelona
Telèfon: 93 443 43 11

Ingredients and topics that we will discuss: How to reduce sugar or how to sweeten sugar, milk substitutes, flour options, …

In this talk we will talk about making sweet from fresh, organic and vegetable products. The example of Gisela, one of the first eco-vegan pastry shops in Europe, will be to see how you can work in the world of confectionery while taking care of nutritional health and a responsibility towards the welfare of the planet. His proposal is the production and consumption of sweets without additives, flavorings or preservatives, that adapt to different diets: without gluten, without sugar, without yeast or lactose, among other options.

Talk and performance by Gisela Izard

This talk is part of the “A Taula! Cicle de cultura i gastronomia” project. This program was created in 2007 as a unique project for the El Sortidor Civic Center, located in the Poble-sec neighborhood. This year, it celebrates 10 years of popularizing the culinary culture and the good eating habits. Through a program of workshops and activities aimed at all audiences, they introduce themselves to various culinary cultures and sustainable initiatives, and discover interesting gastronomic spaces. Together with the neighborhood, and with entities and collectives of the Poble-sec, A taula! Participates in the social and cultural fabric of the neighborhood through the kitchen.

We invite you to know and taste the summer programming, and to participate in the 10th anniversary celebration activities sharing food and culture:

Cooking workshops
Conferences and talks
Free activities
Gastronomic itineraries
Family kitchen
For more information, you can search for pages such as:

Civic Center el Sortidor
Or go to the nearest library.

Remember that it is good for you and the planet to reduce the use of disposable single -use plastic containers. Reduce, reuse and recycle.
A hug and see you soon


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