Stress and cancer at work

Experts point out …. Prolonged exposure to stress at work increases the chances of cancer in men, particularly lung, colon, rectum, stomach and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, according to a study in Canada. And in women? As well. Between 2% and 8% of tumors could have their origin in a labor cause, according to the report ‘Breast Cancer, Labor and Society’ of the European Observatory of Breast Pathology. Source EUROPA PRESS MADRID 11/26/2012

It has long been spoken of the relationship of cancer to emotions and chronic stress. There are countries like France that have recognized that working the night shift increases the risk of cancer and only allow these jobs to young people. In this study, the risk of suffering from various cancers in men and their relation to a labor stress maintained over time was verified. It has been proven that maintaining more than 15 years of work stress significantly increases the risk of lung, colon, rectum, stomach and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

They say that the most stressful jobs are: firefighter, industrial and aeronautical engineer, head of auto shop and railway equipment.

Researchers have identified different perceptions of the source of stress at work. The study shows that perceived stress is not limited to professional demands or pressure to finish work on time but areas such as customer service, sales commissions, responsibilities, anxious temperament of the worker or boss, Job insecurity, financial problems, difficult working conditions, employee oversight, interpersonal conflicts and traffic problems were the main sources of stress for study participants.

What can we do to manage that stress? Some things can be “solved” others not so much. A bad tempered boss or coworker does not change just like that … unless we change jobs.
What really is in my hands is to manage what exclusively depends on me. I can learn to enjoy detail, to meditate, to breathe better, to practice mindfulness, music therapy, art therapy or progressive muscle relaxation. What can also help is to set small goals to achieve on a daily basis, or make a list of things you like and do one each day, such as smelling a flower or eating what you like, or draw, or read, or walk, or laugh … Do something that you like and enlightens your face and soul every day.
Other things that help are: learn to let go, relativize problems, live the present, enjoy the day  and be happy.
My grandmother used to say that on Sunday, what was to be done was to do nothing. Rest completelly. She followed her own advice to the letter, not even sewing, which she liked very much.

On the following post I propose to improve our physical and emocional food for the good of our sould.
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