Socium: new sales point

Hei! Gisela’s bio vegan energy expands in Barcelona.

From this week you can also find us at Socium.

What is Socium?

Socium runs a weekly cumulative system to ensure maximum freshness of products, giving producers time to produce. The Producers “produce for you” without deceiving anyone.

Did you know…

Each Catalan wastes a total of 35 kg of food a year, which represents 7% of production in Catalonia. Internationally the figure is still more shocking: one third of global production is wasted. This problem would be improved if the did our weekly shopping with foresight. It is for this reason that at they have a system of weekly cumulative orders. What does that mean? They close the weekly orders on Sunday at midnight (and a new weekly period opens automatically). On Monday sents orders to producers and consumers receive their baskets every Friday.

With this cumulative weekly Socium formula you help to:

  1. Reduce waste
  2. You get 100% fresh products
  3. You get quality products and produced for you

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