Workshop: The best way to nourish yoursel is to give to yourself: let’s make it simple

This Workshop is for every person especially those who want to take better care of themselves and do not know how to start. We are giving 7 pillars to improve nutrition, humor, energy, …

With the present intake and the current personal situation as a starting point, we propose to fulfill creative purposes of healthy habits that will be reflected in a more slender body, more energy, better HUMOR AND HEALTH AT ALL LEVELS.
In short, nourish body, soul and mind.
by Gisela Izard Pallejà and Miriam Salinas Gascon

We will also prepare delicious and memorable recipes. Refreshing and lively.

We invite you to participate.

Workshop: 18:00 to 21:00

Location: Balmes, 67, 1º 1ª, 08007 Barcelona

Price: 25 Euros (includes materials and tasting). If you attend three consecutive workshops the price is 20 € x3.

You just have to wear apron and tupper

Date: Thursday, July 16, 2015

The intention of this workshop is to share our experience with you and if you touch you with something that we said, and you practice at home for some days.
Our intention is to share our experiences and what we practice every day still no let up, pure presence (continuous learning)!
It is to realize that food itself is much more than food:
• It’s emotion.
• It is past
• It’s future
• It’s addiction.
• It’s lack of….
• It is joy.
• It’s share.
• It’s enjoyment.
• It is peace.
• Is self-destruction.
• It demands … ETC … IS EVERYTHING !!!
• It is pure mirror of how we want !!!
• From what we eat or not life !!!
Observe for a moment the parallelism between meals you take and your level of demand, apathy, self-punishment, peace. Ask yourself:
• How is my food?
• How long does it take to eat?
• What would a person want?
• The time I spend watsapp, sending messages, mails, watching TV …?
• How long will I prepare my food?
• We know that time is money right? Then, how much I’m worth?
The Food is ultimately pure reflection of our presence !!!

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