After the Holidays…

We’re back, of course.

We are on the way to “overcome” the emotional shock of the Ramblas attack … Thanking the Universe to be here alive. We wanted to help giving blood or as a translator, but they were no longer needed. Thanks to all who helped. Thanks to everyone who makes the world a little better every day.

Thanks to the generosity of Nature and to Aurora del Camp, we have prepared:

red pepper sauce
tomato sause with onions and basil
tomato sauce with Mediterranean herbs
baba ganoush
basil pesto
These preserves are seasonal, so we will have them until stocks last.

And we continue to prepare the usual pâtés: dry tomato, lentil and carrot, parsley pesto, olivada, fresh cheeses with garlic or fine herbs, classic hummus or beetroot, tahina sauce.

All products are gluten-free, sugar-free, organic, with no preservatives or artificial colors.

Eat well, eat healthy.

Remember that our proposed courses on food and nutrition offer a “space” where to strengthen individual and family food resources. Our motto is to look for the healthy way of life that makes you happy and forget about the restrictions and rules that are in the diets.

For more information:

vegan products and pates

Aurora del Camp


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