Juice therapy

Among the activities and services that we wish to offer in the holistic bakery we also include the juicetherapy by Claudia L. Gómez Calvo with a great experience as a therapist and in juicetherapy, guaranteed by courses and diplomas of different international institutions.

“Cold press” juice therapy takes the healing power provided by the nutrients of fruit and vegetables, for optimal functioning of the body. The technique of extracting these juices is based on cold pressing.

What is cold pressing?

Cold Press juices are named after a technique called “cold pressure”, which allows the extraction of virtually all vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

It is called cold extraction because during the juice extraction process, the heating of the food is avoided, thus minimizing oxidation and keeping the nutrients intact and alive inside the juice. Unlike conventional centrifuge blenders and extractors that heat the product and cause it to lose.

Claudia L. Gómez Calvo was initially trained as an Art Historian and Cultural Manager, but she discovered her passion for the natural and healthy world. So with several years of training and experience in this area, she decided to take the leap towards the realization of her dream and founded “7colores”, a company dedicated to wellness and natural health, where she offers her services as Certified Facilitator in Alternative Healing Techniques Physical and Emotional. He considers, as I do, that food is one of the basic pillars of health, along with physical exercise and social welfare. She is an expert in Resonance Pattern Transformation, Usui Reiki and Cold Press Zumo Therapy.

When: 21/10/17, 11/11/17 and 02/12/17, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Bring paper and pencil. Claudia will teach us many useful tricks.

Where: Pastelería Gisela c / Fígols 27-29 (Plaza del Sol de Baix)

Investment: € 15

I’m interested! what should I do? How do I reserve a place?

Book by mail to gisela@pastelvegano.com or call 696980091.

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Why is it different?

The process of cold pressing is as follows: the fruits and vegetables are carefully crushed and subsequently subjected to high cold hydraulic pressure. The other way “vertical pressing” consists of a system that launches the food towards a presser roller more quickly thanks to gravity.

The result is a juice of the highest quality loaded with enzymes, vitamins, etc., dense consistency, intense flavor and color and respects the integrity of food and benefits the body.

Cold Press juicing is the fastest and most efficient way to consume and absorb large amounts of nutrients daily.


This workshop is designed to introduce the technique “cold press”, to talk about the different types of nutrient extraction in fruits and vegetables and to know the great benefits of drinking these juices from this technique. In addition, we will learn to elaborate them and see the different combinations that can be made to obtain a juice with optimal properties. And to encourage you to prepare them yourself, we will give you a mini recipe book with different proposals adapted to each need.

Do not miss the chance and come to enjoy this great taste and healthy experience !!!!!

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Thanks, thanks, thanks

Our course proposal aims to offer a “space” in which to strengthen individual and family food resources. Our motto is to look for the healthy way of life that makes you happy and forget about the restrictions and norms that exist in diets.

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