Teambuilding with Cooking Theatre Workshops for Companies

In 2017 we have set out to go down the path of happiness. And we start with one of the first steps: I take care of and love myself. Where do I begin?

In this way we join all the people who wish to take care of their food,with gratitude . I can not imagine a more welcoming place. The aromas, the flavors, the caresses, the textures, … they take you …. to a journey to  happiness of your body. Care and love enlightens you inside, both at home and at work.

We start the road in March

Do you like to eat? Do you enjoy eating or cooking? What is more important to you in food? luxury? taste? appearance? the process? technique? mixtures? exotic? ethics? The common good?

Through the art of cooking we empower teams. It makes you realize that being in the kitchen and cooking is both an individual and a team creative process that helps achieve both business and therapeutic goals.

We create, design and personalize a gastronomic scenarios for companies and individuals.

– Workshops
– Gastronomic Experiences
– Incentives
– Original Meetings

Our activities are designed to develop learning processes that allow us to improve the commitment and motivation of the persons in the company, obtaining an improvement in business results.
We take care of the detail in the methodological design of the activities provoking a professional development.
Some of the objectives of the courses are to improve the attractiveness of the organization, to increase enthusiasm and to improve the sense of belonging to the team, to increase personal responsibility in the group, to promote richer work climates and greater group cohesion through competence development and talent.
The benefits that are obtained through experiential learning allow the integration of individuals and group commitment, improve the organizational and relational climate within departments, enhance individual responsibility with positive proactive participation,  favor healthy habits and strengthening resources. And finally, strengthen the sense of belonging to the organization.


See you!