Online Nutrition health and happiness workshop

Where do you start your way to happiness?

In 2017 we have set out to go down the path of happiness. And we start with one of the first steps: I take care of and love myself. Where do I begin?

In this way we join all the people who wish to take care of their food,with gratitude . I can not imagine a more welcoming place. The aromas, the flavors, the caresses, the textures, … they take you …. to a journey to  happiness of your body. Care and love enlightens you inside.

We start the path in March

Online health course:
A process of general improvement of habits and diet change, introduction of food, body care and soul to live better. A course that is both personalized and group of 4 months that will radically improve your health and well-being.

Together, we will explore the situation and personal concerns about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual status, and will know the habits and tools necessary to live a healthy and balanced life.

What is the course about?

During the course of health accompaniment, we will have several general objectives, apart from the individual, such as:

Provide us with a healthy diet so that we reach our ideal weight without anxiety, while understanding cravings and reductions.
We will leave behind the feelings of guilt associated with food.
We will explore new foods and habits and how we can incorporate them into our diet with recipes that help us increase our energy.
We will take care of our main organs and clean them to improve general health.
We will gain confidence and independence to create the life we ​​want.
What does the course include?

A group coaching meeting a month of 120 minutes each, with a total of 5 sessions, one a month plus the initial and one to close the course.
Support material, bibliography, recipes, books, food samples.
Recipes according to season and personal evolution.
Online support between sessions.
CONTRIBUTION: 50 € / month

I’m interested! What should I do?

Book the initial session and commit yourself to dedicate some time during the next 4 months.
Take responsibility for the care of your body and your soul.
Commitment and discipline to follow the course.
When: any day

Where: anywhere you want, at home or on the beach

REGISTRATION: By e-mail to

I await for you!