Christmas Holidays

During Chritsmas holidays, our opening hours will be as follows:

22nd: from 10 to 14

23rd: closed

24th: from 10 to 14

25th and 26th: closed

27th: from 10 to 14

28th: from 10 to 19

29th: from 10 to 14

30th and 31th: closed, only for orders


In the pastry we follow an integrative diet and we are in love with healthy and ecological food. To the pleasure of eating we add that of knowing the properties of the food we cook. We like to teach and accompany in changes of habits in people. And especially to be able to apply the famous phrase of Hippocrates “Let your food be your medicine”. We believe that food is one of the basic pillars of health, along with physical exercise and social and emotional well-being.


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