Home delivery

Thanks to some comments from a client, to whom we greatly appreciate her positive contribution, we have decided to stop our home delivering  outside Barcelona for the time being. We thank all our clients who contribute with their comments and suggestions so that our products and services evolve and improve every day.

From now we will ONLY deliver cookies outside Barcelona.

The home delivery service in Barcelona remains the same.

We want to emphasize though that both the MRW and Glovo messengers and ourselves do the best we can to give a perfect service. Also that both the taste and the appearance of our products are the best possible. Due to the circumstances of the transport, it could be possible that our customers might receive our products with some damage. We suggest our clients to come to our shop and collect the cakes personally.

In the pastry we follow an integrative diet and we are in love with healthy and ecological food. To the pleasure of eating we add that of knowing the properties of the food we cook. We like to teach and accompany in changes of habits in people. And especially to be able to apply the famous phrase of Hippocrates “Let your food be your medicine”. We believe that food is one of the basic pillars of health, along with physical exercise and social and emotional well-being.


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