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Description du produit

Imagined version of a gluten free vegan strudel. A combination of strudel, pie and roly-poly.

The Strudel (German ‘swirl’) is a type of cake originally from Central Europe and is often associated with the German, Austrian and Italian cuisines.

The most famous Strudel is the apple strudel, and of course, is made with apples, and Topfenstrudel, made with quark cheese. In Argentina we can find a meat strudel with raisins, stuffed with meat pie and icing sugar. In the central jungle of Peru, the German colonies prepare a banana strudel, an adaptation of the traditional local gastronomy ingredients.

The most famous one is the apple strudel, whose origins could be traced back to ancient recipes of the Byzantine, Armenian or Turkish cuisine. The apple strudel was served in ancient times as a food for poor people. The roots of this cake could be located in the Arab and Armenian Baklava. The recipe may have come from the Janissaries soldiers from the Ottoman Empire, after the conquest of Byzantium in 1453 on the Balkans, headed for Vienna. Viennese cuisine changed to become what we know of it today. The success of this dessert made it to become popular in all the countries of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The Apfelstrudel is a very thin dough roll sometimes made with pastry stuffed with stewed apples, sugar, cinnamon, raisins and bread crumbs and then cooked in the oven. Rum is sometimes used as a flavoring. Other ingredients include pine nuts, walnuts, almonds or grated. The art of preparation is the dough as thin and elasticas possible. Austrian and German master bakers say that it is just right when you should be able to read a newspaper through it.

We use naturally vegan, whole ingredients and sugar. Although the most famous is the apple strudel, we offer varieties adapted to each season: fruits (strawberries and peaches in summer are the ones I personally like most, and then there’s the version with plum, apple, pear …) and salted option with seasonal vegetables (onion, carrot stir fry, sautéed mushrooms, Catalan spinach).

Ingredients: organic, whole, vegans, km0, sugarfree

Gluten free dough: maze and buckwheat flour*, boiled filtered water, extra virgin olive oil *, sea salt *

Filling: local and seasonal

Sweet version: fruit*, sultanas *, almonds or hazelnuts *

Savory version: vegetables or sauteed vegetables * or mushrooms, sometimes almonds or hazelnuts and raisins.
* Organic ingredients. 80.20% biological production

Allergens: Glutenfree. Contains almonds, hazelnuts.

Storage conditions: Store refrigerated. Expiration Date: Best eaten within 1 week of purchase.


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