What can we learn from bees?

I love the « beehave » project or how to learn from the wisdom of bees. Look for all the activities they do in Barcelona and especially the exhibition at the Joan Miró Foundation. It is another way of looking at the world.

The project has the collaboration of artists and many other insect advocates. The exhibition at the Miró Foundation invites us to approach sensory bees and extend the limits of our perception. In spring, Beehave has deployed several interventions in Barcelona to raise awareness about the role of bees and pollen insects to preserve biodiversity.

« Beehave. Where are the bees? » It is only open until May 5 at the Miró Foundation. Martina Millà, the curator, tells us that the intention of the exhibition is to help replace the lack of information and education we have of other species and « approach the bees from admiration. »

For the public, it is a process of transformation that will « pollinate » the city in the spring. « Beehave » aims to put on the table the issue of urban beekeeping and open a debate: what would happen if in Barcelona beekeeping urban was allowed? Paradoxically, cities have become a friendlier place than their natural habitat, which is threatened by climate change and the use of pesticides and other chemical products. A possibility that is raised in the exhibition is whether a possible solution is to allow the installation of hives in the cities. In Barcelona there are now four: in the Parc de la Ciutadella, since the 40’s, that pollinates this green lung and gives honey to the lime tree; to Collserola; In Montjuïc, where there is a look, and on the roof of the Miró Foundation.

The spirit of the exhibition is to ensure that we look at bees with respect, thanks and without fear.

The healthy cookery workshop at the Civic Center El Sortidor is part of Beehave’s activities

Here is the recipe we made yesterday

Raw (or cooked) oat flakes Cookies or energy bars  

Ingredients for 4 people:

150g of oat flakes
150g of whole oatmeal flour or 3 bananas
150 g of honey, agave syrup or molasses or coconut sugar
150 g of water
3 tablespoons crushed flax seed (coffee grinder or mortar)
3 tablespoons of flax seeds and sesame
3 spoons of optional grated coconut
½ teaspoon of jingebre or cinnamon or the kind that you like the most
50 gr or 3 tablespoons of raisins
1 teaspoon of pollen optional
Orange peel or optional grated tangerine

The vegan version is without honey or pollen. As sweetener you can use agave syrup, coconut sugar or bananas

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, first by putting the water and the crushed linen and the sensor.

Balls are made and they are choked to make round cookies or can be made elongated. They are placed in a flat mold and cut in a rectangular shape.

If you want you can eat raw or cooked. If we want to cook them, weigh 15-20 minutes until it is golden at 180ºC.

You can also make balls and chop them with grated coconut, as if they were raw truffles. If you enforce them like this, they will be an alternative to the panellets.

Use your inspiration and creativity! You can add other ingredients that you like like other fruits or nuts, replace the water with fruit juice.

Bon Appetit!!


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