Did you know that Saint Mark’s day is the day to celebrate Oat cookies?

This recipe is a gift from New Zealand and Australia to enjoy the fusion of two ingredients from different climates: the energy of oats and the properties of tropical coconut. They are warm cookies. With the attractive flavor of crispy oat flakes and toasted coconut. It is a small ideal gift for breakfast or snack.

On April 25 is Saint Mark day in countries with Christian tradition. In Italy they celebrate the liberation of fascism and in Venice they celebrate Saint Mark’s Day with roses, the same as in Catalonia on Saint George’s day. A little further away, in New Zealand they celebrate the ANZAC day, which is to celebrate the constitution of the armed forces that fought in the First World War (ANZAC = Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). They celebrate the day with some great cookies. The history of these cookies began with the legend that during World War I, women would sent cookies to their husband soldiers. Those cookies had to last a long time in good condition, since shipments were made by ship. It could take at least a month until they did receive the package. Anyway, it seems that then they sent them different cakes from the biscuit, experts say, because the first recipe for ANZAC cookies was published in 1917 as « Rolled Oats Buiscuits », and it was not until 1921 that this name was given to the cookies in « St Andrew’s Cookery Book ».

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